Linkpoint Aio trade in program

Time to upgrade!

We know you love your Linkpoint Aio. And to be honest, it would probably give you another 5-10 years of reliable service. However, as of October 1st 2015 all merchants accepting cards in the United States are required to have EMV compliant machines.

Here’s the good news. No matter what the condition (working or not), of your Linkpoint Aio, we can potentially upgrade you at little or no cost to brand new, EMV compliant equipment for your business.

The new terminals have all of the same functionality as your Linkpoint Aio, but they are built with newer technology, larger memory capacity, and most important, they can accept the new EMV chip cards, as well as continuing to accept the magnetic stripe cards. Also, these new terminals are “dual com” which means you can either use your internet connection plugged in faster) or continue to use your analog phone line for service.

If you are currently experiencing un-solvable issues with your Linkpoint Aio, it is very likely that they are being caused by the end of life or insufficient memory issues. We strongly recommend that you immediately upgrade your machine.

If you are processing at least $10,000 per month through your Linkpoint Aio, you would qualify for a ZERO cost upgrade. If you are processing under $10,000 a month, please call. We most likely have a very inexpensive option for you as well.

For more information, please complete the Linkpoint Aio trade in request below. There is absolutely no obligation and we will reply with a trade in offer that you may either accept or reject with NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Yes! I am interested in trading in my Linkpoint Aio credit card terminal. Please contact me with an offer for my current equipment.

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